How It Works

We have nearly 3,000 signatures on letters. Add yours!

We have over nearly 4900 signatures on letters. Add yours!

Write2Know is a letter writing campaign that gives you the opportunity to ask federal scientists and ministers questions that matter to you.

Choose from the list of questions below. Each link will take you to a page where you can read the background on that question and the letter we have prepared. Or, you can sign all letters at once. It takes just seconds to add your name to these letters. 

The federal scientists who are addressed in the questions below are sent a single letter at the end of each quarter. That letter will list the names of all the people who selected and signed on to that question. Federal Ministers and Members of Parliament will receive copies of every letter you send.

If you have the time, you can also create your own question. Once you have crafted your own question and letter, send your email directly to both scientists and ministers. You can find instructions for developing your own question here. We ask that you cc us at so we can keep track of all the questions being asked.

This is a long term project. Check out our teaching kits for educators, Freedom of Information drives, campaigns to bring Write2Know questions to parliament, and more.

Write2Know. Ask the questions that matter to you.

The Questions