Who We Are

The Write2Know Project is a collaborative effort of citizens, NGOs, and researchers from across Canada, spearheaded by members of the Politics of Evidence Working Group based at York University.

Organizers: Dr. Max Libroiron and Dr. Natasha Myers

Contributors: Dr. Steve Alsop, Dr. Jennifer Dalton, Dr. Sandra Widmer, Dr. Ariane Hanemaayer, Daniella DiLucia, Peter Hobbs, Emily Simmonds, Kelly Ladd, Dr. Aryn Martin, Dr. Michelle Murphy, Cameron Murray, Sabrina Scott, Dr. Christianne Stephens, Dr. Sheliza Ibrahim, Jessica Caporusso, Reena Shadaan, Dr, Dayna Scott, and other members of the Politics of Evidence Working Group.

Our Supporters

Our Right to Know
E4D logo english Evidence for Democracy
Canadian Journalists for Free Expression
 CAUTLogoBilingual  Canadian Association of University Teachers
DeSmog Canada Logo Transparent DeSmog Canada
  Endocrine Disruptors Action Group
screen-shot-2014-12-31-at-10-57-59-am Waste and Science, Technology, & Environment (WaSTE)
15oEtYyNuxjak259WT5YTfopqFEl-ZqxnDsT2KWngtZ_2A0TnHgBLL1kFdhV4QSLWG2OC-tY5fYim1uZAqETS1w1tz9i_86tHUCzaHOjpRi7AnZ8m7jP82FOl8ug23lrOPQk_uGCkwE7uaUuvymWSrzCgND67wawLzScKGfxmVa0HvqEHQv4VuDj34hd5vx7cUIcbue7qNiklSweNYMDXnu-Czu The Technoscience Research Unit, University of Toronto

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, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador
, York University

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