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The Write2Know Project is a letter-writing campaign that gives you the opportunity to ask federal scientists and Ministers about the results of the Canadian government’s environmental monitoring and scientific research programs.

How it works

Below is a list of questions generated by people concerned about the worldwide impacts of Canadian policies. You can select any or all of these prepared questions. Each link will take you to a page where you can read the background on that question and the letter we have prepared. It takes just seconds to add your name to these letters.

These letters will be sent directly to federal Ministers and Members of Parliament. Some of these questions are addressed both to federal scientists and Ministers. The scientists addressed in those letters will receive a single letter listing the names of all the people who selected and signed on to that question every few months. Ministers and Members of Parliament will receive copies of every letter you send.

You can also craft your own questions.

The Questions


NEW! How will the Canadian government prevent toxic flame retardant chemicals from circulating widely in consumer products and accumulating in our bodies?


What is the Canadian government doing to monitor endocrine disrupting chemicals, such as bisphenol A, in our bodies and the wider environment?

What research is being done to monitor the contaminants generated by the uranium mining industry in Northern Saskatchewan? What are the known effects of these contaminants on human health?

Why does Health Canada continue to maintain its blood lead intervention level of 10 μg/dL when the ministry has financed recent studies and reports that refute the idea of an acceptable level of lead?

What are the impacts of marine plastics on our food chain?

How are the oil sands affecting water quality?

How are development and research initiatives in the Far North addressing the effects of high concentrations of contaminants on Aboriginal communities?

Given recent cuts to Aboriginal health research, how does the government plan to include Aboriginal expertise, opinions, lived realities, values, and traditional practices in public health research?

Where’s the data? What was removed from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans libraries?

What research is the government conducting to address the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls?

How is climate change research shaping Canadian forestry policy?

What is the government doing to address evidence that shows that resource extraction from industries like the oil sands is the leading threat to caribou survival?

What matters to you? Write your own letter today!