The Response

Since Write2Know launched on March 11, 2015, over 4,000 letters have been sent to federal scientists and ministers asking questions about the health of their bodies, communities, and environments. Help us continue to speak up and break the record of our last campaign by adding your signature to these letters! Click here to get started.

Responses from Ministers and MPs

We’ve heard from some of the ministers we’ve sent these letters to:

Response to Letter on DFO Libraries and Archives Closures by Liberal Critic of DFO, Lawrence MacAulay

Response to Letters on Marine Plastics, Resource Extraction, Climate Models/Forests, & Oil Sands by NDP Environment Critic Megan Leslie, and NDP Natural Resources Critic Guy Caron

Response to Write2Know Letter from Canadian Journalists for Free Expression to “Stop Muzzling Federal Scientists” by Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.

Response to Write2Know Letter on Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls by Françoise Ducros, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy and Strategic Direction, Federal Government

Responses Worldwide: March 2015 Campaign Stats

This is an international issue. Canadian policies affect the circumpolar north, global climate change, Indigenous peoples across borders, and many more issues that affect people and environments worldwide. During the first month of Write2Know, people from around the world have been taking notice of Canadian policies impacting public knowledge.


The graph below shows website visits for people who spent more than 10 seconds on a page. Many signed letters to send to Canadian ministers and scientists.

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